About Stress Less

Stress Less Tips is a website developed by WayAhead – Mental Health Association NSW (WayAhead). It features a range of tips that can help support mental health and wellbeing by decreasing stress. The tips have been developed by WayAhead’s Mental Health Promotion Team and are based on health evidence and research.

10 Tips to Stress Less are an annual set of Stress Less Tips developed each year for Mental Health Month NSW and distributed throughout the community on posters and postcards where they are very popular throughout the year following the event.

Now that Stress Less Tips are available online they are available to everyone all year round, and new tips will be continually added to the collection all the time!

WayAhead is a non-government organisation and registered charity with the mission to work in partnership with others to address stigma and to promote mental health and wellbeing through education, support and advocacy.

WayAhead is the principal NGO in NSW providing mental health promotion interventions such as the Workplace Health Promotion Network, Postnatal Depression Awareness Week, Mental Health Month NSW, and the Mental Health Matters  Awards.WayAhead also provides a range of online information via websites such as ivebeenthere.org.au, wayaheaddirectory.org.au, and Stress Less Tips.

WayAhead provides information and support to people who are affected by mental illness, or who seek to improve their emotional wellbeing.WayAhead runs an information and referral service, an education program in primary schools, and support and self-help groups for people with anxiety. With the support of our Board, staff, members, volunteers and students, we work towards a society free from prejudice and discrimination against people living with mental illness. We strive towards a community that embraces and maintains mental, social and emotional wellbeing for all people.